Where Your Money Goes

Asháninka land is in the rainforests of central Peru. The Asháninka are subsistence farmers but known historically to be fiercely independent, and were noted for their "bravery and independence" by the Spanish conquistadors. They are striving to keep their cultural and enviromental heritage, despite pressure from the modern world. 

The forest they live in is under threat, particularly from illegal logging and Coca growing. For over a century, there has been encroachment onto Asháninka land from rubber tappers, loggers, Maoist guerrillas, drug traffickers, colonisers, and  oil companies.

Cacao provides protection of their land and a cash crop where they can promote organic and traditional farming methods. Cacao is best operated as a co-operative, which is perfect for the communal living.

Our Asháninka Cacao reflects the true cost of fair trade. We are working hard to help the Asháninka protect 8,157 species of animals that are sheltered on the land, and 19 endangered species that live in the valley. By giving the Asháninka Co-operatives a fair and regular source of income we are contributing to the protection of millions of acres of forest. The Asháninka are also constantly threatened by the logging industry and the money earned from Cacao contributes to financing the legal disputes to protect their land and livelihood.