I participated in your cacao ceremony in Warwickshire the other week. Thank you so much for holding it and the wisdom you shared. So much has been happening for me since starting my connection with cacao and it’s beautiful, the ceremony added further and your advise regarding having cacao daily has upped things further. I now start my day with cacao and what a difference it’s making, I feel so good, happy and productive it’s such a great investment in my well being. The cacao insight and guidance I received on the journey that day was about understanding some of the shadow side of me and although I thought I’d dealt with all that shit I think maybe it’s worth revisiting or at least acknowledging, so that’s what I’m doing 😊. Thanks again!
— Sally S

Thank you so much for the fabulous ceremony you ran, it was absolutely amazing for me. I had no idea really what to expect but it surpassed what expectations I did have. It really was a profound experience for me that I never expected.

Not least I’m a real fidget and yet was able to lie there absolutely still for that length of time totally in tune with your voice and my inner-self. The messages were really clear and I found a huge release from some feelings I didn’t even realise I was keeping in. I also really respected what you had to say in the closing and the wisdom you spoke.

A truly fabulous day that feels like it has had a huge effect on me. Now to keep what I need to do going ! and see how I get on with the cacao I bought too.
— Sue VS

For all of us at Ombar, it was amazing to experience how Cacao can be a most profound and transformative food. Far from that indulgent snack that dominates the shelves in plastic wrappers. It is a medicine with an abundance of teachings for us all. We are all grateful to Rebekah who facilitated this beautiful ceremony for us. If you really want to know the potential of Cacao, give it a go.
— Mood Foods

I have over the years experienced many ceremonies and rituals. Some very extreme and some very gentle. I have also experienced many Cacao ceremonies but no more so vital than the ceremony held by Rebekah Shaman. It is apparent that the setting up and the structure to her ceremony is highly effective. I feel safe and vulnerable enough to let go and grow. I always feel assured that Rebekah is powerful and strong enough to hold me in ceremony. I am given an opportunity to heal the parts of my shadow self with guidance of the Cacao that comes through the conduit being Rebekah. Her voice and presence in the ceremony guides you to meet mother Cacao. Her alchemy is transformational and as a healer myself I feel there is always a powerful shift in energy and my awareness during and after the ceremony.I have been privileged to experience the impact she has had in my life and honoured to know her as one of today’s magnificent healers.
— Rob Milani - Transformational Life Coach

We began the ceremony with an open circle of honesty and sharing our ‘stories’, I loved that all the people there were so accepting, but I think the reason for this is because Rebekah is so accepting, she doesn’t sit on a pedestal in judgement of anybody. I do think that you need to experience this for yourself and now I understand why my friends told me so little about what happens at the ceremony – all I will say is that you do feel a sense of calm and peace within you, a renewed gentle energy. For days after I felt calmer and more able to cope with all the chaos around me right now. Thank you Rebekah, I will definitely be booking more Cacao ceremonies with you!
— Nidhi Joshi

I have just spent a wonderful afternoon with Rebekah at a Cacao ceremony, and what a wonderful experience it has been. Rebekah is open and personal, her guidance and advice is logical yet empathetic, with no airy fairy talk. I left feeling empowered, centred and more connected with my inner self and world around me, her support during the journey is priceless. Always a magnificent experience and divine timing.
— Valentina

I have enjoyed the Cacao ceremony immensely. Rebekah is an authentic and lively facilitator and I felt held and loved in her presence. Her instructions and guidance were unbiased and transparent, and the passion shone through her in the way she spoke, moved and related to participants. I already recommended her work to some of my friends in London.
— Agnieszka Agni Grenckowska